VIDEO: Now is the Perfect Time to Refinance

Jason Carter By Jason Carter



Mortgage rates have plummeted to their lowest mark in the last two years.  This means that now is the perfect time to refinance even if you have recently purchased or refinanced your home.  Here are some important facts to consider when choosing Simply Home Lending for your refinance.

Multiple Options Available

There are multiple refinance options available to fit a variety of needs.  A cash-out refinance is great for consolidating high interest rate debt.  Refinancing a 30 year mortgage back into another 30 year mortgage will result in a lower monthly payment.  Refinancing a 30 year mortgage into a 15 year mortgage could save upwards of $100,000 in interest over the life of the loan for roughly the same monthly payment.

Minimal Out-of-Pocket Expenses

It is possible to refinance your home with little or no money out of pocket.  All Simply Home Lending loan officers are trained to provide the best possible loan product to each borrower based on their specific loan needs.  If zero out of pocket expense is your goal, then Simply Home Lending is the right place for your refinance.

Reduced MI Premiums

For the first time since 2001, FHA has reduced mortgage insurance premiums. Combined with interest rates near record lows, now is the perfect time to consider refinancing your loan!

Expert Advice

Here at Simply Home Lending, every refinance is checked to ensure that it provides a financial benefit to the borrower.  Meaning that you can rest assured knowing you are making the right financial decision because your loan officer took the extra time to explain every cost-saving benefit of your new loan.

You have absolutely nothing to lose.  Feel free to contact any one of Simply Home Lending’s knowledgeable loan officers for a free, no-cost, no-obligation consultation to determine if a Simply Home Lending refinance is the right choice for you.

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