Mortgage Lenders

  • How a Good Lender-Agent Relationship Benefits the Buyer

        Residential real estate and mortgage lending are service-oriented businesses. Real estate agents and mortgage lenders work together to ensure the best possible outcome for their clients during the transaction. This is where a lender and real estate agent team becomes most valuable to the customer. Although in different professions, the agent and lender […]
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  • VIDEO: Advantages of Using a Single Point of Contact

      With multiple people involved in a mortgage transaction, information can easily get overlooked if it isn’t managed properly. In order to avoid this potential problem, it is best if your lender has one person who will oversee the transaction from start to finish. Using a single point of contact for the mortgage process will […]
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  • What to Look for in a Mortgage Lender

    When choosing a mortgage lender, many people look at interest rates and closing costs to make their decision; however, most lending companies have similar numbers regarding these factors. A major differentiator for mortgage lenders is quality of service. A lender focused on service will: Keep you informed throughout the lending process There are going to […]
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