VIDEO: Advantages of Using a Single Point of Contact

Stephen Green By Stephen Green


With multiple people involved in a mortgage transaction, information can easily get overlooked if it isn’t managed properly. In order to avoid this potential problem, it is best if your lender has one person who will oversee the transaction from start to finish. Using a single point of contact for the mortgage process will provide the following benefits:

Build Personal Relationships

Having a single point of contact will allow a personal relationship to develop between the loan officer and the borrower. When this relationship occurs, both parties share the common goal of getting things completed in a timely manner. A single point of contact will provide the borrower with unrestricted access to a loan officer who cares about their transaction and who will make sure everything gets finished on time.


When one person is overseeing a transaction, it provides accountability for completing tasks in a timely manner. Involving multiple people can easily make things more complicated and time consuming. With every loan transaction, there can be multiple individuals working on the file. While each step is crucial to the process, these individuals may not see the big picture because they are focused on completing their specific tasks. By having one person manage the process from start to finish, the big picture can be kept in focus.

Better Service

A single point of contact allows the lender to provide a very high level of service to their customers. Every borrower wants their loan to close on time. However, if the lender doesn’t recognize the importance of having a single point of contact, important details can be overlooked. This can cause lengthy delays in underwriting and the potential for missed closing dates.

Simply Home Lending defines success by how well we deliver what we promise to the closing table and how well we keep people informed throughout the process. We believe using one person to oversee the entire process is the best way to be successful. Here at Simply Home Lending, each loan officer is responsible for overseeing each of their files from start to finish. This is done to ensure that every Simply Home Lending borrower receives the highest level of customer service.