3 Tips for Building a Custom Home

Stephen Green By Stephen Green

If you’ve ever looked for a home, you know it can be very difficult to find one that meets all of your needs. Instead of settling for a house that doesn’t have everything you want, consider making an investment in a home that is designed specifically for you. Make your custom home building process easier by following these tips:

Set Realistic Expectations
When building a custom home, you have to be realistic about the process. Nothing will go exactly as planned, so you have to be prepared for everything from delays to cost overruns. Weather is a very critical factor in building a home and you have no way of controlling it. Don’t be surprised when delays occur because of the weather.

You should also be realistic about how much time this project will take. Be prepared to spend a few minutes every day following up on details and making decisions. While you will most likely have a contractor to help you make decisions, there is still a lot of work that you will have to do. Set aside some time and dedicate yourself to working on the house so you can be sure you’re staying on top of the details.

Get Organized
There are many details that go in to building a custom home and organization is key to getting things done correctly. To help you get organized, it is a good idea to hire professionals who know about certain aspects you don’t have expertise in. Consider hiring a designer who can help you make decisions that reflect your style without looking cluttered or disorganized. By consulting a professional, you’ll know the house is going to look put together without you having to learn everything about design. It’s also a good idea to get a phased home inspection. The home inspector can be involved as soon as the foundation is complete. That way you’ll know your investment is built solidly and that everything is being completed safely.

Know Your Financing Options
When building a custom home, there are two different ways the house can be financed. You can buy the lot and then build the house on it, or you can purchase the completed house from the builder who owns the lot. Whichever way you choose, there are different financing options available. Knowing your financing options in advance can help you stay on budget and ensure that there are no surprises with closing.

While custom built homes may have the perception of being a lot of work, the extra time is worth the results. If you’re organized and have simple things in place before you start, a custom design is not very difficult to execute. For more information on loan options for custom built homes, or if you have questions about the custom home process in general, please contact Simply Home Lending today.