Monthly Archives: December 2014

  • VIDEO: What to Look for in Your Real Estate Purchase Contract

    With every purchase transaction, there has to be a purchase agreement in the form of a contract. Whether it’s downloaded from the internet or drawn up by an attorney, there are areas that can easily be done incorrectly. Knowing these areas, and making sure they are done properly, will help make the lending side of […]
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  • What to Look for in a Mortgage Lender

    When choosing a mortgage lender, many people look at interest rates and closing costs to make their decision; however, most lending companies have similar numbers regarding these factors. A major differentiator for mortgage lenders is quality of service. A lender focused on service will: Keep you informed throughout the lending process There are going to […]
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  • Case Study: Advantages of a Cash-Out Refinance

    A cash-out, or equity, refinance is a type of home loan where the borrower is given money at closing, which is over and above the amount needed to pay off their current mortgage, to use for debt consolidation, home repair, etc. This works by using the lendable equity available in the borrower’s home. For example, […]
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